The Raining Champion of Waterproof Cycling Coats

Water off a Duck’s Back was formed when Antonia Maybury got tired of having to put on functional, unflattering sporty cycle wear over her normal clothes when cycling. Water off a Duck’s Back is set up to provide beautiful stylish clothingto cyclists who wat to look stylish and fashionable whilst staying safe, warm and dry on the go.

Q: What first gave you the idea of designing and manufacturing cycle wear?
A: When I worked in the West End I cycled into work and to meetings during the day. I got fed up with having to take off my neon cycle jacket outside clients’ offices and hide it away in a handbag. I wanted a coat that was stylish enough so that I could get straight off my bike and walk into the boardroom. I also wanted something that was long enough to keep my skirt dry when cycling, and something that was safe to wear at night. I couldn’t find anything – so I started up Water off a Duck’s Back.

Q: Presumably by its name – all of your clothes are waterproof?
Yes, all of our coats and jackets are waterproof and breathable. Also, importantly for a cycle coat, they are machine washable. All of our coats are made in the UK – supporting British industry.

Q: Are your range of clothes suitable for men, women and all ages – do you have a target audience?
The coats can be worn by people of all ages. We have coats for men and women – the men’s coats will be in the shops from Friday 23rd. They are smart coats so are generally bought by people who commute to work and want to look smart while they are cycling, and not have the hassle of having to shower and change when they get into work.

Q: Do you think women want to look fashionable or safe on a bike?
A: Thankfully the two are not mutually exclusive! When I designed the coats I made sure that as well as looking good there were well placed reflective panels. I wanted to ensure that all of my customers could be visible at night, but not to have the reflective on show during the day. So all of the refelctive elements can be hidden away. Being visible at night is very important – espcially when if comes to signaling right turns – which is where the reflective cuffs come in handy.

Antonia wants women cyclists to look stylish as well as dry

Q: Do you think your range of clothes and accessories will inspire more women to cycle?
A: I hope so. Not everyone wants to wear lycra and break their personal best time to get to work. This is very much a lifestyle coat and is suited to the growing number of cyclists that are taking up cycling to get from a to b and want to cycle in their normal clothes.

Q: Why do you think that more women should cycle in their daily lives?
A: Cycling to work in the morning is the best way to unfurl. It blows away the cobwebs, and makes you start the day all fresh. It means you don’t have to huddle up next to some sweaty stranger on the bus, tube or train. It’s free. And my goodness it keeps you slim. I went down a dress size when I started cycling to work and I never have to watch what I eat.

Q: Are your clothes just for cyclists?
A: No – the beauty of the coats is that because they look like normal coats they can be worn when you aren’t on a bike. I have quite a number of people that have bought the light coloured mac simply because it machine washable and they are saving a fortune on dry cleaning bills!

Q: In the future do you anticipate bringing out a wider range of waterproof gear for cyclists
A: I am planning to expand the range. The spring collection is being designed at the moment.